Last updated: 22.11.22
Designation: HLR01
  1. Bellingham Boat/The Fiery Clock Fyece/Hexham Races
  2. Spirit of the Border/Harry's Rant
  3. A You a Hinny Burd (A U me Hinny Burd)
  4. Roslin Castle/XYZ/Fogabella
  5. Swedish Waltzes
  6. I Drew My Ship
  7. Coulgrave Sound/Robertson's Reel/Willafjord
  8. Felton Lonnen
  9. The Border Widow's Lament
  10. Arthur's Seat/Laura Andrew
  11. The Water of Tyne
  12. Gypsies' Lullaby/Raylees
  13. The Neighbours doon Belaa
  14. The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside/Maggie Lauder/The Queen's Welcome to Invercauld