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Label: Pres
Release Date: 18 February, 1997
  1. I Could Make A Living At
  2. Baby
  3. It's In The Air
  4. They Can't Fool Me
  5. Goodnight, Little Fellow,
  6. Pardon Me
  7. I'm Making Headway Now
  8. I Could Not Let The Stabl
  9. I Wish I Was Back On The
  10. Count Your Blessings And
  11. Oh Don't The Wind Blow Co
  12. Emperor Of Lancashire
  13. You're Everything To Me
  14. You Can't Go Wrong In The
  15. I Played On My Spanish Guitar
  16. I'd Do It With A Smile
  17. Barmaid At The Rose & Crown
  18. Get Crackin'
  19. Home Guard Blues
  20. Bell Bottom George
  21. Serves You Right
  22. Got To Get Your Photo In
  23. Hillbilly Willie
  24. Unconditional Surrender