The Duncan Sisters
Last updated: 22.11.22
Label: Windyridge
Designation: VAR101
All songs performed by the Duncan Sisters.
  1. The Music Lesson, Duncan Sisters
  2. Oh Sing-a-Loo, Lew Pollack
  3. Baby Sister Blues, Duncan Sisters
  4. Remembering, Duncan Sisters
  5. I never had a Mammy, Duncan Sisters
  6. Um Um Da Do, <Duncan Sisters
  7. Aunt Susie's Picnic Day, Edward S. Brooks
  8. Bull Frog Patrol, Jerome Kern
  9. Tom Boy Blues, Duncan Sisters
  10. Vocalising, Duncan Sisters
  11. Mean Cicero Blues, Billy Baskette
  12. Crossword Puzzle Blues, Duncan Sisters
  13. The Kinky Kids' Parade, Walter Donaldson
  14. Happy Go Lucky Days, Al Wilson
  15. Lickens, Duncan Sisters
  16. Black and Blue Blues, Chas H. Marsh
  17. Dawning, Charles E. Roat
  18. Baby Feet go Pitter Patter, Gus Kahn
  19. Argentines, Portuguese and the Greeks, Carey Morgan
  20. Loch Lomond in Swingtime, Unknown
  21. Adam and Eve, Manuel Klein
  22. Ti Pi Tin, María Grever
  23. Daniel in the Lion's Den, Fred Fisher
  24. Sweet Onion time in Bermuda, Sam Coslow
  25. In a Little Dutch Kindergarten, L. Rosenstock