Angela Eling
Last updated: 11.04.21
rpincontri.gifAccording to the Internet source given below, Angela Eling studied recorder with Prof. Günther Höller, Baldrick Deerenberg and Marion Verbruggen in Cologne and Utrecht respectively. She also took master classes with Frans Brüggen, Walter van Hauwe, Hans-Martin Linde and others. She has performed as a soloist in several European countries and the Russian Federation and made radio broadcasts. She is a member of several ensembles including Incontri musicali together with Nadja Schubert and Eva Morsbach. Angela Eling has headed the recorder department of the Rheinischen Musikschule, Cologne since 1998.
Photo: Courtesy Incontri musicali. Left to right: Nadja Schubert, Angela Eling, Eva Morsbach.

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cd15.gif Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem with Nadja Schubert and Eva Morsbach
cd15.gif Trios with Nadja Schubert and Eva Morsbach