Erik Bosgraaf (1980-)
Last updated: 11.04.21
rpbosgrafe.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, Erik Bosgraaf (Drachten) started studying the recorder professionally at the Prins Claus Conservatorium with Pia Elsdörfer. In 1999 he continued his studies with Walter van Hauwe and Paul Leenhouts at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, where he graduated in June 2005 from the Advanced Music Program. He also is a musicologist (MA, University of Utrecht), specialising in Dutch songbooks from around 1750. In 1998 he was prize winner of the national finals of the Princess Christine Competition. In addition he received the highest mark twice at the competition for Young Musical Talent in The Netherlands in 1999 and 2000. In 2005 he was awarded the 2nd prize at the Moeck / SRP International Recorder Competition in London. Since 2002 he has been working on The Around the Globe Project, for which many composers world-wide have written pieces for his duo with guitarist Izhar Elias. The goal of the project is to make a substantial contribution to the repertoire for recorder and guitar by means of new techniques and functional use of multimedia. As a member of recorder consort The Royal Wind Music (director: Paul Leenhouts) he performs renaissance music, using copies of original 16th century instruments. Erik Bosgraaf has played at numerous national and international festivals such as The Young Nordic Music Festival (Finland), The Darwin International Guitar Festival (Australia), and the Holland Early Music Festival (Utrecht). In October 2004 he co-organised the First European Recorder Performance Festival, which took place in various locations throughout Amsterdam. He has given master classes at the University of Melbourne and the New England Conservatory (Australia). Founder of ensemble Cordevento with Alessandro Pianu (harpsichord) and Izhar Elias, he was elected to make a debut-tour through all major concert halls in The Netherlands in March 2007. Recently Erik was contracted by the worldís largest budget label Brilliant Classics to record three solo CD's with the music of Jacob van Eyck. The box is released in commemoration of the 350th year of the composer's death and will appear in shops in Spring 2007.
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