Bach Goes to Town
Last updated: 03.11.19
Composer: A. Templeton Suppliers:  
Editor: Brian Davey Trio D/A/T(B)
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Ltd Publication:
This trio Bach goes to town (Prelude and Fugue) is probably the most difficult of the four works in Consort With a Swing with its many grace notes as well as the top Fs and Bbs required of the treble. The bass part is a lot of fun however. I very much like the contrast between the somewhat sombre Prelude and the gay Fugue. Brian Davey has arranged this work such that the bass part can be played by either tenor recorder which makes for close harmonic texture or the bass recorder which gives a greater sonority.
Experiments by myself with Blue Monday in the use of both bass and tenor for the bass part were a failure. Instruments playing in unison an octave apart may sound good with an Ulster Flute band but sound a little odd when done with recorders!