Spielstücke für Blockflöte und Gittarre
Last updated: 30.10.19
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Editor: J. Rentmeister Solo D(A)/Guit./Guit.
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. Publication: Schott Ed 5132
"Spielstücke für Blockflöte und Gitarre" edited by Josef Rentmeister was amongst the very first purchases that I made whilst still a young Petty Officer on H.M.S. Victorious in January 1965. It is intended principally for guitar players to learn to accompany melody instruments (recorders, flutes, oboes, fiddle, violin). There are pieces by Louis Claude Daquin (Rigaudon), Johann K. F. Fischer (Boureé, Hirtenmusik, Menuett), Joseph Haydn (5 German dances in C- and G-major), Jean Baptiste Lully (Die Musikanten), Johann Mattheson (Largo), Wolfgang A. Mozart (Andantino, Menuett, Kontratänze G-Dur und F-Dur), Johann Sigismund Sperontes (Polonaise) and Leopold Mozart (Air).
This is a well-loved (by me) item, it is now yellowed, tattered and torn (like me) and was very much used at the start of my career. I well remember in the same year playing some Haydn German dances together with my brother, Peter (guitar) and little-sister, Mary (descant) whilst on leave in Worcester, England after finishing a stint on H.M.S. Victorious. Many years later, it was played by The Schwanewede Recorder Consort in 1983 and especially in 1984 when we were accompanied by The Holme Valley Guitar Ensemble (lead by Keith Overton) then on tour in North Germany at a concert in Schwanewede.
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