Flying Arrow (1906)
Intermezzo Indienne
Last updated: 11.10.21
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Composer: A. Holzmann Suppliers: dbe15.gif
Editor: Geoff Grainger Quintet A+S/T/T/B/GB(B)
Publisher: Ditty Box Enterprises Publication: DBE 487
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Length: approx. 6¼ mins. Sounds best with the bass doubled.
Flying Arrow is variously described in the original sheet music as being an inspiring march, a dainty intermezzo and also published as a pretty Indian love song. One could humorously sum this up by saying Flying Arrow is a pretty inspiring march which indeed it is. It is also a very "black" composition requiring lots of printer's ink - stress marks, dynamic changes, crescendi and descrescendi abound. It is a longish piece in AABBACDCDCAABBA form with a 4-bar introduction - some of the repeats could be left out without detriment. In this adaptation for recorder ensemble, the basses are invited to alternate to tenors for a few bars in the final C-strain and make a lightning change in bar 94 back to bass. Should this be too difficult either additional players could be used or the basses stay on their instruments and play these few bars an octave lower. Please experiment!
Flying Arrow was published by Leo Feist, New York, USA.
A tempo of 80 crotchets/min. is suggested.