Harris Weston 
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     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif Heaven Will Protect an Honest Girl Harris Weston (music)
Bert Lee (words)
Irving Taylor (words)
Gracie Fields (perf.)
url15.gif Knees Up Mother Brown Harris Weston (music)
R.H. Weston (words)
I. Taylor (words)
Doris Waters (perf.)
url15.gif Olga Pulloffski Harris Weston (music)
R. P. Weston (words)
Bert Lee (words)
Jack Hilton (perf.)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 134 works by Harris Weston. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Earthenware 1923 R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
All Day Long (w&m) 1924
Come and Listen to Antonio! (w&m) 1924
Give Me Lapland (w&m) 1924
Make a Noise! (w&m) 1924
Maud! Your Mother Wants You (w&m) 1924
Tipperary Blues, The (w&m) 1924
You've Got to Come Along to Wembley (w&m) 1924
Down Hill All the Way (w&m) 1925
François (w&m) 1925
Mamma's Gone Dancing! (w&m) 1925
Monday She Goes to Be Shingled (w&m) 1925
Our Avenue 1925 R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
You Ought to See the Old Folks Now! (w&m) 1925
Don't Let Nobody Steal You From Me! (w&m) 1926
Like We Used to Be (w&m) 1926
Molly Muldoon (w&m) 1926
She/He Can Make a Nice Cup of Tea (w&m) 1926
There Are More Heavens Than One (w&m) 1926
Windermere (w&m) 1926
Everybody's Charleston Crazy Now! (w&m) 1927  wvicon.gif
Fancy Me Just Meeting You (w&m) 1927
Hullo! Old Timer (w&m) 1927
I Feel I Wanna Wander (w&m) 1927
I'm Wearing My Heart Out For You (w&m) 1927
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Just Imagine It! (w&m) 1927
Mamma's Gone Young - Papa's Gone Old 1927 R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
Simple Susie (w&m) 1927
Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling! (w&m) 1927
Wallflower (w&m) 1927
Wave to Me! (w&m) 1927  wvicon.gif
Who Says Sailors Don't Care! (w&m) 1927
Why? Because I Love Her! (w&m) 1927
Your Mother Won't Mind (w&m) 1927
Afterwards May Be Too Late (w&m) 1928
And So Do All My Pals! (w&m) 1928
Blue Moon (w&m) 1928
Burying the Blues (w&m) 1928
Gad-About Mama, Stay-At-Home Papa (w&m) 1928
It's Girls Like You, Make Fellows Like Me Like Girls You You! (w&m) 1928
Jungle Yale Blues , The 1928 Cecil H Taylor (words)
Let 'em Laugh! (w&m) 1928
Living Hand to Mouth (w&m) 1928
Madeline 1928 L Oatley (words)
Silence (w&m) 1928
Sizzle of the Sausage , The (w&m) 1928
There Won't Be Nobody Home (w&m) 1928
Two-Two-Double-Two Timbuctoo (w&m) 1928
We Gotta Have Rain! (w&m) 1928
Comfy and Cosy (w&m) 1929
Title Year Attribution Remarks
I Love You More Than You Love Me (w&m) 1929
I Won't Break My Heart Over You (w&m) 1929
Love's Radio (w&m) 1929
Lucy's Lipstick (w&m) 1929
Mamma, It Isn't Fair! (w&m) 1929
Pass It Along! (w&m) 1929
Smith's Crisp Crisps (w&m) 1929
That's How I Like 'em (w&m) 1929
There's a Girl in My Arms and a Man in the Moon (w&m) 1929
Unlucky Number Thirteen (w&m) 1929
Canoodleum's School of Love (w&m) 1930
Coople O'Dooks (w&m) 1930
Dying Duck, a Penny (w&m) 1930  wvicon.gif
Happiest Couple in Lancasheer, The (w&m) 1930
I'd Lahve To! (w&m) 1930
I'm Singing My Way Round the World (w&m) 1930
I've Said Good-Bye to All That! (w&m) 1930
Just As Long As You're Along With Me (w&m) 1930
Let George Do It (w&m) 1930
Lovely Aspidistra in the Old Art Pot, The (w&m) 1930
Make the World a Little Bit Happier (w&m) 1930
Mickey the Mouse (w&m) 1930
Rah! Rah! Columbus! (w&m) 1930
Sitting on the Cold Wer Grass (w&m) 1930
Stop and Shop at the Co-Op Shop (w&m) 1930
Title Year Attribution Remarks
There's Nothing Like Jolly Good Health (w&m) 1930
Toy Farm-Yard, The (w&m) 1930
We Must All Pull Together! 1930 R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
When Susie Switches on Her Lovelight (w&m) 1930
Wild Rose Magee (w&m) 1930
You Must Have a Sweetheart When You're by the Sea (w&m) 1930
Boo-Hoo! Hoo-Oo! (w&m) 1931  wvicon.gif
Here Come Captain Ted! (w&m) 1931
Hiking 1931 Elmer Lincoln (words)  Pub.
I'm Gonna Be Home by Tea-Time (w&m) 1931
I'm Sending Out the S.O.S. For Love (w&m) 1931
Marionettes in Vanity Fair (w&m) 1931
Sob Song , The (w&m) 1931
There's Another Couple Making Love (w&m) 1931
Things Are Shocking in America! (w&m) 1931
Whack Fol the Diddle and a Tow Row Row (w&m) 1931
Beat the Retreat on Thy Drum! (w&m) 1932  Pub.
Don't Call Me Mister, Call Me Charlie! (w&m) 1932
Ghost of Your Love, The (w&m) 1932
I Wonder Why Poor Nelly Never Writes (w&m) 1932
If Mary Ann Says She Won't Marry Me (w&m) 1932
Legion of the Lost, The (w&m) 1932
Say to Yourself I Will Be Happy! (w&m) 1932
Song That Is Calling Me Home, The (w&m) 1932
Wedding of the Slum Town Babies, The (w&m) 1932  Pub.
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Why Should Sailors Care? (w&m) 1932  wvicon.gif
Chingy Wingy Wing Wong's Pig-Tail (w&m) 1933
Elephant Never Forgets!, The (w&m) 1933
Heaven Will Protect an Honest Girl 1933 R.P. Weston (words)
Bert Lee (words)
Gracie Fields (perf.)
I'll Be Seein' Ya in Abyssinia (w&m) 1933
Pull Away the Curtains From the Windows of Your Heart (w&m) 1933
Squeeze Me Waltz, The (w&m) 1933
Waltz of My Dreams, The (w&m) 1933
Whiskers An' All! (w&m) 1933  Pub.
Food! - Beautiful Food! (w&m) 1934
Stick a Geranium in You Hat to Show You're Happy (w&m) 1934
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm 1934 R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
Houp La, Allez (w&m) 1935
Olga Pulloffski 1935 R. P. Weston (words)
Bert Lee (words)
Jack Hilton (perf.)
What's Your Poor Old Daddy Gonna Do? (w&m) 1935
You Can Keep Your Champagne and Your Oysters (w&m) 1935
Baby in the Pram, The (w&m) 1936
Gertie, the Gunman's Moll! (w&m) 1936
Harmonica Dan! (w&m) 1936
Okay For Sound 1936 R P Weston (words)
B. Lee (words)
Signalman Sam (w&m) 1936
Toy Town Band , The (w&m) 1937
Knees Up Mother Brown 1938 R.H. Weston (words)
I. Taylor (words)
Doris Waters (perf.)
ViC Gilmore (perf.)
Annie Woods (perf.)
 wvicon.gif youtube15.jpg
Palais Glide , The 1938 E. Leslie (words)
Joe Burke (words)
Salome (w&m) 1941 John Turner (perf.)  Pub.
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Place in the Sun For Ev'ryone, A 1944 Will E Haines (words)
Wot! No Luv? 1946 Will E Haines (words)
Harry Ralton (words)
How Does a Broadcast Know the Way to Go? (w&m) 1948
How High Is Up? (w&m) 1948
Knees Up! Momma Brown 1948 B. Lee (words)  wvicon.gif
Leaning on the Railings 1948 Will E Haines (words)
Quix Song, The (w&m) 1948 J.P. Long (perf.)
Knees Up, Mother Brown 1950 B. Lee (words)
Irving Taylor (words)
Cha Cha Momma Brown 1959 B. Lee (words)
Gordon Rees (words)
Martinas (perf.)
     Title Duration Performer
youtube15.jpg Knees Up Mother Brown 1:52 ViC Gilmore
youtube15.jpg Knees Up Mother Brown 12:06 Annie Woods with Lilly, Maud and Sarah