Johann Christoph Pezel  (1639-1664)
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According to The New Penguin Dictionary of Music, Johann Pezel (also known as Petzold) was variously a trumpeter and violinist, had employed musicians at Leipzig and Bautzen and was a composer and publisher of suites and other works for string ensembles.
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book15.gif  Johann Pezel (1639-1694) by Elwyn A. Weinandt flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif flag15it.gif flag15es.gif
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Recorder Music CDs:
cd15.gif Flanders Recorder Quartet Sonata pro tabula flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15it.gif flag15es.gif
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sm15.gif Sonata Abella D/D/A/A/T/B smp_unav15.gif wvicon.gif
Recorder Sheet Music
8139201.gifConcerto pastorale fur Altblockflöte und Streicher (A/A/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
For 2 Alto Recorders (Flutes) and Piano.
Arr./Editor: H. Hockner/F.W. Lother
Publisher: Thomi-Berg (V 2094a)
8139150.gifConcerto pastorale fur Altblockflote und Streicher (Chamber work with A/A)smp_logo_88_white.gif
For 2 Alto Recorder (Flute), Strings (with Violin 3) and Cembalo. (Cembalo).
Arr./Editor: H. Hockner/F.W. Lother
Orchestra Set (3-3-2-2-1+Violin 3). - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Copy: Strings. - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Solo parts: 2 Alto recorders (Flutes). - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Piano music set (with Solo part). - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Thomi-Berg (V-2094)
Kleine Pfeifermusik (D/D)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Performance Score.
5 langere Spielstucke.
Publisher: Bärenreiter-Verlag (BA967)
987485.gifTrio Sonata (A/A/BC)smp_logo_88_white.gif
For 2 A recorder (flute or violin), piano (violoncello or violoncello da G ad lib).
Arr./Editor: Woehl
Publisher: Edition Peters (P04557)
Concerto Pastorale (D/D/A/A/T/B)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Score and Parts.
Arr./Editor: Ulrich Herrmann
Publisher: Heinrichshoven's Verlag (N03948)
Adagio e Presto (A/Piano)smp_unav15.gif
Arr./Editor: Walter Bergmann
Part: Alto Recorder. ISBN 9790220129124. This edition: ED 11714-01. - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (ST11714)
6027823.gif2 Suites: No. 1 in C Major (A/A/BC)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts. 32 pages.
This edition: OFB75.
Arr./Editor: Ruf Level: Medium
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (49011376)
6027832.gif2 Suites: No. 2 in C Major (A/A/BC)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts. 28 pages.
This edition: OFB76.
Arr./Editor: Ruf Level: Medium
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (49011377)
Suite (1674) (D(A)/D(A)/Piano)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts.
Publisher: Hug (GH10611)
Dance Movements (D/D/A)smp_unav15.gif
Arr./Editor: Hunt
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (ST10354)
Fifteen Intradas: Vol. 1 (S(D)/D/A/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts.
Publisher: Loux Music Publishing Co. (LMP0076)
Fifteen Intradas: Vol. 2 (S(D)/D/A/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts.
 Publisher: Loux Music Publishing Co. (LMP0077)
Suite a 5: No. 2 (1685) (S(D)/D/A/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts.
Publisher: Loux Music Publishing Co. (LMP0028)
Sonata Abella (D/D/A/A/T/B/BC)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts.
Publisher: Moeck Verlag (MK03103)