Étienne Moulinié  (1599-1676)
Last updated: 01.03.21
According to the Internet source given below, Étienne Moulinié was a French composer. Born close to Carcassonne in 1599, Étienne Moulinié began as a cantor at Saint-Just Church in Narbonne before joining his brother Antoine in Paris, where the latter obtained a position for him in the royal institutions. From 1627 until the prince's death in 1660, he was in charge of music for Gaston of Orléans, the king's brother. He composed ten or so books of airs de cour, and although he composed no petits motets (a form that would only appear a generation later) he accommodated the intimate genre of the air to domestic piety (one may see in this the influence of protestant practice) in his "Mélanges de sujets chrétiens de 2 à 5 parties avec la basse continue" published in 1658.
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