Roderik de Man  (1941-)
Last updated: 01.03.21
According to the Internet source given below, Roderik de Man is an Indonesian-born Dutch composer born in Bandung, Java. He composes mostly chamber and electroacoustic works. He studied percussion with Frans van der Kraan and music theory at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, where he also studied composition with Kees van Baaren and worked in the electronic studio as a student of Dick Raaijmakers.
His honors include Second Prize in the Concours International de Musique Électroacoustique de Bourges (1991, for Chordis Canam; 1999, for Air to Air), in which he has also been a finalist seven times (1996, for Gramvousa; 1997; 1998, for Slagschaduw; 2000, for Écoute, écoute; 2001, for Vanishing Points; 2002, for Auxochromes; 2003, for Sin descanso). In addition, he has received Second Prize in the Torino competition (1999, for Air to Air) and his Slagschaduw was selected for IAMIC's Annual List (2001). His music has been performed at numerous festivals, including five times at the ISCM World Music Days (1991, Oslo; 1993, Mexico City; 1997, Seoul; 1998, Bucharest/Chisinau; 2004, Switzerland).
Of recorder interest his works include:
  • Séance, alto recorder/flute (1986, revised 1997)
  • Stravaganza, alto flute, (1986, revised 1988)
  • Entanglements, 4 recorders - 1 player (1987, revised 1992)
  • Leonardo's flying machine, 4 recorders, tape (1999)
  • Kage, alto recorder, tape (2000)
  • Sin descanso, recorders - 1 player, tape (2002)
  • Mensa Secunda (incidental music, play by Jorge Isaac, Miguel Silva), recorders - 1 player, tape (2004)

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