Scott Mackenzie 
Last updated: 22.10.21
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cd15.gif Ella Shields Ella Shields - Burlington Bertie from Bow
Scott Mackenzie
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url15.gif After You With That! Scott Mackenzie (words & music)
A. Roberts (perf. by)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 22 works by Scott Mackenzie. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
After You With That! (w&m) 1900 A. Roberts (perf. by)  wvicon.gif
He Didn't Know What to Do (w&m) 1900 Will E. Edwards (perf. by)  wvicon.gif
Coo-Ee-Oo! (w&m) 1901  wvicon.gif
Sammy, Dear! (w&m) 1901  wvicon.gif
Dear Old Melodies 1902 arr.:Henry E. Pether  wvicon.gif
Girls and Boys (w&m) 1902  wvicon.gif
Love Coon , The (w&m) 1902  wvicon.gif
She's My Little Girl! (w&m) 1902  wvicon.gif
Don't You Want a Boy to Love You? 1903 arr.: H.E. Pether  wvicon.gif
You, Rosie, You (w&m) 1903  wvicon.gif
Good Luck to the Army and the Navy (w&m) 1904  wvicon.gif
Dey Can't Like You Like Me! 1905  wvicon.gif
I'll Mind Dear Old Mother 1905 Bella Bright (words)
Alec French (words)
Tom Best (words)
When a Boy Loves a Girl, (w&m) 1905  wvicon.gif
If the Girl Doesn't Mind (w&m) 1906 Vesta Tilley (perf. by)  wvicon.gif
Patsy, I Want You (w&m) 1906  wvicon.gif
Pounds Shillings and Pence (w&m) 1907  wvicon.gif
Zuleeoo! (w&m) 1907  wvicon.gif
Girl Liked Town. Skit on Gaiety Coryphee, The 1908 Ern Radcliffe (words)  wvicon.gif
I Can't Help Loving You (w&m) 1908  wvicon.gif
I Want to Go Back to Glengarry 1909 J C Shepherd (words)  wvicon.gif
Love Rules the World. (w&m) 1910  wvicon.gif