School Songs from the Hebrides
Last updated: 19.04.20
Printed: 1927 Author:  
Publisher: Paterson's Publications Ltd ISBN:  
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Paperback: 14 pages
My comments:
This is a fairly old, yellowed little songbook, undated but probably printed around or after 1927. It's original price was 4d. and I paid an outrageous 25p. for it in a Malvern second-hand bookshop whilst on holiday in England in 1992. It has 12 songs in Gaelic and English collected and arranged by M. Kennedy-Fraser and Kenneth MacLeod. The titles contained are:
  1. Birlinn Health-Drinking Chant
  2. Cool Hill Pastures
  3. Deirdre's Farewell to Scotland
  4. Fionn's Keening for Oscar
  5. Late lies the wintry sun abed
  6. Potato Liftin'
  7. The Rocks o' Rodel
  8. Sail Hoisting Chanty
  9. Sea Feast
  10. Skye Milking Song
  11. To Iona
  12. The Uncanny Mannikin