Ragtime Jubilee: 42 Piano Gems, 1911-21
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1997 Author: David A. Jasen
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc. ISBN: 0486299465
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Paperback, 186 pages, (December 1997). Usually ships within 2-3 days.
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Some Gems, Some Forgotten, All Worthy
In fact, this collection shows some of the best development of ragtime towards the end of the era outside of the classic rags of Joplin, Scott, Lamb and Matthews. It also demonstrates to some extent the output from Tin Pan Alley, as well as a few dance tunes. There are challenges (Rufenreddy and Pork and Beans), great experiments (My Pet), parodies (Operatic Rag, Hungarian Rag and Russian Rag), and just plain good music (Midnight Trot, Hot-House Rag, etc.). Not all of these will challenge the average pianist, and some are actually easy to work out. Plus 42 pieces at this price? Some of them would take many years and many dollars to obtain now. Get the book instead. Thank me later! You can hear many of these pieces on my site as well.
A great collection of Ragtime
This is a must-have for the moderately advanced Ragtime piano player. David Jasen has included a variety of styles of Ragtime from that time period, ie. One- and Two-Step, Fox Trot, etc., so you're sure to find music to suit your tastes. The selections are a delight to play and impressive when heard, especially "Rufenreddy" which is my favorite. Forty one of these selections are new to my collection of over 400 Ragtime pieces in nine books. The only duplication is "Pork and Beans" by Luckey Roberts.