Imagine John Lennon
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1998 Author: Andrew Solt
Publisher: Studio Music Co. ISBN: 0140274332
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Paperback - 256 pages Reprint edition (July 1998), usually ships within 24 hours.
Amazon Review
Imagine: John Lennon, authorized by Yoko Ono and drawn extensively from material in the late Beatle's personal archives, is more than a tribute to his timeless legacy. Rare film footage, photographs, and the words of family and friends--plus a wealth of Lennon's own quintessential wit and candor--paint a uniquely intimate portrait of the man behind the legend. Here is the poignant story of the tough Liverpool kid who conquered the world with his music, from childhood through dank Hamburg and Liverpool clubs to Beatlemania, from global fame and wealth to a never-ending search for fulfillment as an artist and a man. It charts his loves--for his first wife, Cynthia; his sons, Julian and Sean; and his great collaborator Yoko Ono--and his passions, art, music, and above all his work for peace.
From Lennon the performer, in spectacular shots by the world's top rock photographers, to Lennon the lover, father, and human being in intimate family photographs (many never-before published), Imagine captures the man who was the touchstone for his generation. Originally published as the companion to a film biography of Lennon, the book is a handsome tribute to his life and art, and will make an elegant gift for Beatles fans and all admirers of John Lennon's music and imagination.
A reader from South of Sweden , January 9, 1999
I loved it! This is really a great book. It gave me allot of facts. Not just about the working John but also the person John Lennon. The picuters are big and very well taken. Itīs pictures we have seen before from the Beatles time. But also pictures from his personal life with his sons and wives. Itīs a wonderful book and a great tribution to John. I loved it.