Nat Gonella: A Life in Jazz
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2006 Author: Ron Brown/Digby Fairweather
Publisher: Northway Publications ISBN:  
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Publisher's blurb:
This is an extended and updated edition of Ron Brown's biography of Nat Gonella, co-written with Digby Fairweather. This book portrays the wonderful years with Billy Cotton, Roy Fox and Lew Stone, the creation of Nat's Georgians, and his friendship with the great stars like Gracie Fields, Max Miller, Fats Waller and the legendary Louis Armstrong. "'Just a bit of a lark' is the way that Nat Gonella would have you remember his life but, for me, his story - supreme success though it is - is also a grand example of fate at her most ungenerous...his life...impinged on our lives too" -