The Modern Recorder Player
Last updated: 03.05.20
Printed: 1984 Author: Walter van Hauwe
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. ISBN: 0901938963
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Amazon Review
Reviewer: A reader from USA
The Amazon search engine shows "The Modern Recorder Player" by Walter van Hauwe to be out of print. The book SERIES is currently in print, published by SCHOTT, and is a classic of modern and baroque style recorder technique. I have ordered the 3 volumes of the series from another bookseller, and they are currently on their way to me by post.Volume 1 covers basic technique such as playing position, the all important topic of breathing, articulation, tone production, and some aspects of original music practice.Vol 2 continues these topics, with more consideration of baroque music.Vol 3 is devoted to specifically modern recorder techniques for 20th century music.These books are continually cited by other technique and method authors, and have been classics in the field since their first publication.Too bad the Amazon search engine would rather show it as 'out of print' than admit they don't carry it. Obviously, users of the Amazon search engine who come up with an 'out of print' message should reconfirm this by other methods, and always remember that even "Books in Print" is merely an advertising medium, listing only those books which publishers pay to list. Smaller publishers and specialty publishers frequently don't list all their books there.
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