Tyneside Songs Volume 2
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1912 Author: C. E. Catcheside Warrington
Publisher: J. G. Windows ISBN:  

Paperback: 26 pages.
This volume contains:
  1. Fire on the Kee by Edward Corvan. Tune Wor Jocker
  2. Me Little Wife At Hyem
  3. Row upon the stairs by Joe Wilson
  4. Cullercoats Fish-Lass by Edward Corvan. Tune Lilie's a Lady
  5. Wor Nanny's a mazer by Thomas "Tommy" Armstrong
  6. Pitman's Courtship by William Mitford. Tune The night before Larry was stretched
  7. Cappy - or The Pitman's Dog by William Mitford. Tune Chapter of Donkeys
  8. The 98th (Jack's Listed i' the Ninety-Ite)
  9. The Neibors Doon Belaa (Neighbors Belaw) by James Weams
  10. The Sandgate Lass's Lament by H Robson. Tune The Bonny Pit Laddie
  11. Oh! Leuk A' The Sowljor
  12. The Cullercoats Fish-Wife And The Census Man