John Christian Bach : Mozart's Friend and Mentor
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1995 Author: Heinz Gartner
Publisher: Amadeus Press ISBN: 0931340799
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The youngest surviving son of Johann Sebastian Bach, John Christian (born Johann, he adopted the English form of his name in maturity) represents a unique link between the baroque and classical worlds. His early musical training was with his father but his own musical preferences led him to Italy and study with Padre Martini. He abandoned the Lutheranism of his youth, becoming a Roman Catholic and composing much sacred music as organist of Milan Cathedral. He became Mozart's friend and mentor, having met him when the child prodigy visited London in 1764. During his lifetime he was the most successful of the musical Bachs, although he died deeply in debt, and until quite recent years his music has been largely ignored. This impeccably researched biography of the man and his times is evidence that his true stature is now being recognized.