Philharmonic Concerto : The Life and Music of Sir Malcolm Arnold
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1995 Author: Piers Burton-Page
Publisher: Trafalgar Square ISBN: 041345651X
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Reviewer: A reader
I am biased of course! But I spent 10 years on and off writing about the life and music of Sir Malcolm Arnold - now 75 - and it was a labour of love. He is severely ill with a form of brain damage that has impaired his memory: even so, it was wonderful how he was able to recall incidents from his earliest years in remarkable detail. He was able to help me enormously with the events of his later life too. All this started with a love of his music, and I hope this is reflected in my biography, too. What a shame it is already out of print. Come on some of you publishers out there, how about asking me for an update, and then reprinting