DAM-CD: Recorder Music for UNICEF
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Designation: DBE
All performers are members of The Recorder Music Webring.
This item was previously available as a DAM-CD at mp3.com. Presently (2004) there are no plans to re-release it.
  1. Sonata 1 in F: Andante, Allegro, Grave, Allegro by Benedetto Marcello
    Performed by Dr. Fred Kerstin Treble Recorder/synthesizer.
  2. Hoe-Down by Brian Bonsor
    Performed by Bremen Recorder Touring Company (Descant and treble recorders accompanied by Egbert Heiß (piano).
  3. L'oiseau du Bois by Charles le Thière
    Arranged and performed by Jill Kemp
  4. "Vier Branlen" from Danserye, Heft I by Tielman Susato
    Performed by Parkside School Workshop Ensemble on 12th Oct. 2001
  5. "A Toye" from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Collection by Traditional
    Arranged and performed by Berkshire Recorder Consort in 1995