In Imitation of Birds: English Chamber Music 1640-1740
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Mdg (Naxos)
Designation: MDG L 3323
Release Date: 01. Januar 1997
Works performed by Ganassi Consort
  1. Three Fantazies by John Hilton
  2. Trio Sonata in A minor William Williams
  3. Sonata by William Williams
  4. Division D major by Christopher Simpson
  5. Solo in D minor by John Stanley
  6. Trio Sonata in G minor by Godfrey Keller
  7. Suite in G major by Matthew Locke
  8. Suite in G minor by Matthew Locke
  9. Sonata in A minor Op.1, No.2 for Oboe and B.C. by Thomas Vincent
  10. Sonata in G major for Harpsichord by Thomas August Arne