Flauto Dolce
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Swedish Society
Release Date: 01 January, 1992
Performed by the Flauto Dolce Recorder Quintet.
  1. Chanson de Matin by Edward Elgar
  2. Paduana XI: O, Nachbar Roland by Valentin Haussmann
  3. Gaillard XII by Valentin Haussmann
  4. Fantazia by Charles Coleman
  5. Rufty Tufty/Hunsdon House John Playford I
  6. Des Rotschenken Tanz by Wilhelm Brade
  7. Gaillard XII by William Brade
  8. Canzon: O, Nachbar Roland by Samuel Scheidt
  9. M. John Langton's Pavan by John Dowland
  10. M. Giles Hobies Gaillard by John Dowland
  11. Semper Dowland, semper Dolens by John Dowland
  12. Gaillard by John Dowland
  13. Fantasy by John Ward
  14. Canzon by William Brade
  15. Paduan by William Brade
  16. Gaillard by William Brade
  17. Pavan by Anthony Holborne
  18. The Leaves be Greene by William Byrd
  19. Variations on "The Leaves be Greene by Sven Bjerstedt
  20. - Slopes by Nils-Eric Karlsson
  21. Five by Johan-Magnus Sjöberg