Bozay plays Bozay
Last updated: 19.11.19
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Label: Hungaroton
Release Date: 15 March, 2000
Works composed by Attila Bozay and performed by Attila Bozay.
  1. Improvisations for solo zither, Op. 22
  2. Pezzo Concertato No. 2, Op. 24, performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra with Attila Bozay, conducted by Gyorgy Lehel
  3. Solo for Recorder Op. 30/a
  4. Improvisations No. 2, Op. 27, performed by Sandor Papp, Miklos Perenyi, Attila Bozay, Eszter Perenyi
  5. Mirror, for zither and hammer dulcimer, Op. 28, performed by with Attila Bozay, Martha Fabian