S. Joplin; G. Gershwin; I. Berlin; P. Whiteman
Last updated: 15.06.20
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Label: Fone
Release Date: 1993-12-13
Great Composers at the Keyboard
  1. Maple Leaf Rag (1899), Scott Joplin
  2. Magnetic Rag (1914), Scott Joplin
  3. The Cascades (1904), Scott Joplin
  4. Something Doing (1903), Scott Joplin/Scott Hayden
  5. Weeping Willow (1903), Scott Joplin
  6. Frog Legs Rag (1906), James Sylvester Scott
  7. Ole Miss' rag, William C. Handy
  8. Arrah Go On I'm Gonna Go Back To Oregon, Bert F. Grant (one step arrangement)
  9. Miss 1917: The Land Where The Good Songs Go
  10. Make Believe (You are glad you are sorry)
  11. Lady, Be Good: So am I
  12. La-La-Lucille: Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo, from
  13. Rhapsody In Blue (concerto in fantasia for piano and Jazz Orchestra)
  14. Rosalie: Oh, Gee! Oh, Joy
  15. Lady Be Good: Fashinating Rhythm
  16. Lady Be Good: Oh, Lady Be Good!, from
  17. A Russian Lullaby, waltz
  18. How Deep Is The Ocean
  19. Music Box Revue of 1922: Lady Of The Evening
  20. What Does It Matter, waltz
  21. A tribute to I.B. - Berlin: A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody, fo
  22. based on melody from Rimsky-Korsakof's 'Sadko': Play That Song of India Again