Floating Down the River
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Archeophone Records
Release Date: May 27, 2003
  1. In the Gloaming, Annie Fortescue [pseudonym of Lady Arthur Hill] (Will Oakland and the American Quartet)
  2. Stick to Your Mother, Tom, Pierre Duvernet (Will Oakland & Chorus)
  3. Under the Love Tree, Bert F. Grant
  4. I Want to Love You While the Music's Playing, George Botsford
  5. Way Down South, George Fairman
  6. Emmett's Lullaby, Joseph K. Emmet
  7. On a Beautiful Night with a Beautiful Girl, Gus Edwards
  8. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee, Lewis F. Muir
  9. My Little Lovin' Sugar Babe, Henry I. Marshall
  10. Tennessee Moon, Percy Wenrich
  11. Teasing Moon, Henry I. Marshall
  12. Ragtime Regiment Band, Melville Morris
  13. You're a Great Big Blue-Eyed Baby, A. Seymour Brown
  14. Give Me Your Hand, George Botsford
  15. In Apple Blossom Time (Down on the Farm), Charles Neil Daniels/Jones
  16. Floating Down the River on the Alabam', Albert von Tilzer
  17. They're on Their Way to Mexico, song, Irving Berlin
  18. Across the Rio Grande, Ernest R. Ball
  19. Harmony Bay, Terry Sherman
  20. By the Beautiful Sea, arrollh
  21. Don't Go Away, Jess Feiber
  22. Roll Them Cotton Bales, J. Rosamond Johnson
  23. In the Heart of the Kentucky Hills, Lewis F. Muir