Spirit of Scotland
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Arc Music
Designation: 1349
Release Date: 19 February, 2002
  1. 6/8 Marches: Glendaruel Highlanders/The 10th Battalion H.L.I. Crossing
  2. March, Strathspey & Reel: The Clan MacRae Society/The Ewe Wi' the Crook
  3. Slow Air & Jigs: Breton Air/Pour Ignacio
  4. Strathspey & Reels: Susan MacLeod/The Islay Ball/The Smiths of Ghillieh
  5. Medley: The Three Wheeled Rabbit/The Price of a Pig/Kenny MacDonald's J
  6. 4/4 Marches: The Battle of Waterloo/Killiecrankie/Scotland the Brave/TH
  7. Slow Air & Jigs: The Water Is Wide/Galician Jig/Asturian Jig
  8. 2/4 Marches: The Stirlingshire Militia/Hugh Kennedy M.A. B. SC. /P/M Wi
  9. Pipe Solo: Jig of Slurs/Donald Maclean/Donella Beaton -
  10. Hornpipes: The Queen of the Rushes/The Muckle Dram
  11. Medley: Spogan/Jane Campbell/Braes of Mar/Hamilton's Nutsack/Suo Gan/TH
  12. Dark Rum & Crabbies/The Hungarian Fiddler and the Country Girl/Na Goisd -
  13. Air: The Migulay Boat Song