Pipes & Drums of Scotland
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Arc
Release Date: 20 September, 2005
  1. Raigmore/Mac and Irish/The Braes of Mar/The Hen and the Turkey
  2. Rab's Wedding/Angus MacKinnon
  3. Mist Covered Mountains
  4. Old Rustic Bridge/The Rowan Tree/Bonnie Galloway
  5. Brigadier General Ronald Cheape of Tiroran/Dornie Ferry/Captain Lachlan
  6. Archie McInley/Heather Grant of Strathyre
  7. Highland Laddie/The Brown Haird Maiden/The Barren Rocks of Aden
  8. Piper's Waltz/The Gold Ring/Minnie Hynd
  9. Dark Island/Dr. Ross 50th Welcome to the Agyllshire Gathering/Fare
  10. Green Hills of Tyrol/When the Battle Is over/Lochanside
  11. Helen Black of Inveran/The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball/Molly Connell/John K
  12. Amazing Grace
  13. Wooden Heart/The Rose of Allendale
  14. In Memory of the Youngest Shipley/The Friar's Britches/The Jiggernaut
  15. Battle of the Somme/The Festival March
  16. Highland Cathedral
  17. MacNeils of Ugadale/Leaving Port Askaig
  18. Flower of Scotland
  19. Drum Salute
  20. It's Lonely at Nicht in the Bothy/Scotland the Brave/I Love a Lassie/Th