Salute From Stirling Castle
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Scotdisc
Release Date: 05 January, 2003
  1. The Panda/9 O'Clock Walk
  2. Green Hills/Battles Over Lochanside
  3. Plymouth Argyll/Row Me Home To Islay/The Corps/H.M. The Queen's Jig/Itchy Fingers
  4. Drummers Call
  5. Fist Fifty/Maggie Cameron/Dimitris Suspicion/My Brown Haired Maiden/Tripping Up The Stairs...
  6. Donald MacLean Of Lewis/Farewell To The Greeks/Dr. Ross' Welcome To 50th Argyllshire Gathering
  7. Uphold The Right/Electric Chopsticks/Farewell To Camraw/Alisdair Moffat/Calypso Piper
  8. Arthur Bignold Of Loch Rosque/Maggie Cameron/Sound Of Sleet
  9. Barren Rocks Of Aden/My Brown Haired Maiden/Mhairi's Wedding
  10. P/M James Motherwell Bem
  11. Scotland The Brave/51st Highland Division/Rowan Tree/Wings
  12. Monymusk/Highland Laddie/The Campbells Are Coming