The King's Singers - English Madrigals
Last updated: 01.04.20
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Label: EMI
Release Date: 1 Oct. 1999
  1. A little pretty bonny lass
  2. Weep no more, thou sorry boy
  3. Shoot, false love
  4. Now is the month of maying
  5. Four arms, two necks, one wreathing
  6. Hark, all ye lovely saints above
  7. Since Robin Hood
  8. Though Philomela lost her love
  9. O wretched man
  10. Weep, O mine eyes
  11. The nightingale, the organ of delight
  12. Come, sirrah Jack, ho!
  13. Cruel, behold my heavy ending
  14. Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone
  15. Sing we and chant it
  16. On a fair morning
  17. Oft have I vowed
  18. Is love a boy?
  19. Say, Love if Ever Thou Didst Find, John Dowland
  20. All at once well met
  21. Construe my meaning
  22. Lord! when I think
  23. Cruel, wilt thou persever
  24. Fine knacks for ladies
  25. Strike it up Tabor, Thomas Weelkes
  26. I love, alas I love thee
  27. Farewell, dear love
  28. See, see the shepherds' queen
  29. Have I found her
  30. Lady, your words do spite me
  31. Were I a king
  32. Come again
  33. Tan ta ra, cries Mars
  34. Why should I love?
  35. This sweet and merry month of May