Ben Albert - A Little Bit Here and There
Last updated: 22.11.22
Label: Windyridge
Designation: CDR48
Works written and performed by Ben Albert
  1. A Little Bit Here and There
  2. On the Day King Edward gets his Crown on, Mark Lorne (music) Harry Pleon (words)
  3. Go Away , Good Massa Bee
  4. Logic, Charles Osborne (words and music)
  5. The End of the Chapter
  6. Inquisitive Kiddie
  7. The Damaged Blacksmith
  8. Why go Abroad?
  9. Faces
  10. Do you remember? How can I forget
  11. Potted Poetry
  12. After You with the Soap
  13. Incidents
  14. What's the Use of Sighing?
  15. What is it - likes so much?
  16. A fat lot to crow about
  17. What is Work?
  18. Seven Ages of Man
  19. Three Ages of Women
  20. Geography
  21. When the Women earn all the Money
  22. The Cook who cooks - Part 1
  23. The Cook who cooks - Part 2
  24. Derby Day
  25. The Li-cen-sor