Stumptown Jazz
Last updated: 03.09.21
p_stumptownj.jpgThe following was posted by Bob Erwig on Youtube:

Between 1997 and a last concert in 2004 I was a member of this great band from the Portland, Oregon area. Pianist and leader Gary Peterson replaced all the musicians in his band in the late nineties and I was invited to become their cornetist. The band was rather popular at the American jazz festival scene and after 25 years with Climax Jazz band this became for me a welcome change after we had moved from Toronto to the Canadian west coast in 1996. I found the members very musical with an appreciation for the early styles of honest jazz. Unfortunately I had the feeling that the band's manager, not a musician, was not too happy with our new style approach. This has not helped in the further promotion and consequent bookings. Now in 2008 Stumptown is almost extinct. One of the finest reed-players I ever played with in a band is Phil Hatton, originally from Perth, Australia. All the others are West Coast Americans with a great knowledge and appreciation of the early jazz music. Trombonist Rex Rice and banjoist Dave Brown come from the Seattle area while Gary, tubaist John Walling and drummer Bill Franklin are from the Portland, Oregon area. In this concert in 2002 in a suburb of Portland we play "When my Dreamboat come Home".

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youtube15.jpg Mabel's Dream --Stumptown Jazz 2002 (3:40)
youtube15.jpg When my Dreamboat Comes Home - Stumptown Jazz 2002 (3:23)