Fanny Robina (1862-1927)
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p_robinafan.jpgAccording to Bint Family website, Fanny Robina [neé Cooper] was an English music hall entertainer born in Chatham.
Bint, Fanny (Mrs), 1862-1927, Cooper, Fanny, 1862-1927 Music hall star. Born Fanny Cooper in England. First married widower Frederick Stanilaus (1844-1891). In 1892 second marriage to James Hart Glen (known as Jimmy Pierce (1856-1895). Married again in 1903 to Will (Billy) Bint (1850-1913). Visited New Zealand circa 1880s. See photograph in Theatrical Album, Volume 6 (PA1-q-238, No. 262) ------------------------------ Fanny Cooper came into the world at George's mother's home in Ordnance Row, Chatham on the 22nd of December 1862, and Florrie Cooper at 20 Nursery Street, Liverpool on the 17th of July 1866. ---------------------------------------------------- What we now know is that, from the age of four, Fanny was performing with her parents. A notice in the Era of the 24th of November 1867 had announced: 'Mr George Newman and Miss Mortimer the Great Australian Duettists, in conjunction with Little Fanny, the Infant Wonder, aged four Years, are about to make their Third Tour of the United Kingdom'. Fanny's 1893 interview informs us that she first performed as a variety artiste in sketches with her parents when only two years and nine months old. The Birmingham Concert Hall on the 14th of November 1870 advertised them as 'Mr G. Newman, Miss Fanny Mortimer and Miss Jenny Newman, who have won renown in Australia as vocalists' --------------------------------------------- or the next two years Margaret appeared on stage with her daughter Fanny. On the 29th of March 1874 a notice inserted by some friends appeared in the 'Era' stating that 'Miss Mortimer is confined to her bed and requires assistance' She died at Newington in December 1874. Her notice in the 'Era' read : 'Miss Mortimer, well known some years since in the Music Hall Profession (Newman and Mortimer), died on Thursday last. We understand that the child actress and vocalist, Miss Fanny Mortimer, has been engaged by Mr J.A Cave for the forthcoming Pantomime at the Marylebone Theatre. Fanny joined her sister Florrie as part of Robina Anderson's Robina Quartette in 1875 and from that time was usually known as Fanny Robina.
This list is arranged by composer and contains 4 works performed by Fanny Robina who is featured on sheet music covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
     Title Composer Attribution Remarks
perf15.jpg Visions of Long Ago (1907) Florry Cooper J.H. Brownson (words)
Florry Cooper (perf.)
Fanny Robina (perf.)
perf15.jpg Land of Promise (1908;), The Florry Cooper Billie Bint (words)
Fanny Robina (perf.)
perf15.jpg My Sweet Italian Maiden (1907) T.F. Robson(w&m) Marie Blythe (perf.)
Fanny Robina (perf.)
perf15.jpg All the Boys in Our Choir (1893) Joseph Tabrar(w&m) Fanny Robina (perf.) Pub.