Sacred Harp Performers
Last updated: 20.10.21
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The list is arranged alphabetically by performer. (xx) indicates more CDs etc.

     Performer/Group Remarks
fasola15.gif Bob Meek Memorial Singing youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Australia url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Singing url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Germany url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp in Poland url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Shapenote Scotland url15.gif 
fasola15.gif United Kingdom Sacred Harp and Shapenote url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Amsterdam url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Berlin url15.gif youtube15.jpg 
fasola15.gif Blackwood Academy url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Bremen Sacred Harp url15.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg [4]
fasola15.gif Brighton Shape Note Singing url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Brisbane Shapenote url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Bristol Sacred Harp url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Cork Sacred Harp url15.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg [44]
fasola15.gif  Sacred Harp Singers of Dublin url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Durham Sacred Harp url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Frankfurt url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Fort Worth Sacred Harp url15.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg [1]
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Hamburg url15.gif youtube15.jpg 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Cologne url15.gif 
fasola15.gif London Sacred Harp url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Singers Melbourne url15.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg [1]
fasola15.gif Various Sacred Harp Groups cd15.gif cd15.gif cd15.gif youtube15.jpg 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp Mount Pisgah youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg 
fasola15.gif Sacred Harp and Shape Note in Tyneside url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Oslo Sacred Harp url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Oxford Sacred Harp Singing url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Sheffield & South Yorkshire Sacred Harp url15.gif 
fasola15.gif Southwest Texas Sacred Harp url15.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg 
fasola15.gif Texas Sacred Harp Singers youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg 
fasola15.gif  Warsaw Sacred Harp url15.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg [2]
fasola15.gif Wellington Shape Note Singing url15.gif 
fasola15.gif York Sacred Harp url15.gif