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Johann Heinrich Buttstedt  (1666-1727)
According to the Internet source given below, Johann Heinrich Buttstedt [Buttstett] was a German composer and organist born in Bindersleben near Erfurt. The son of a clergyman, he attended the Ratsgymnasium in Erfurt and was a scholar of Johann Pachelbel. He was an organist at a number of Erfurt churches and a composer of church music, organ and piano works and his known for his work "Ut mi sol, re fa la, tota musica et harmonia aeterna oder Neueröffnetes altes,wahres, eintziges und ewiges Fundamentum musices" (1716).
Johann Heinrich Buttstedt has "Giacoso" in Flötenbüchlein für kleine Leute (D/D/A) and Flötenbüchlein für kleine Leute (D/D).