Music From The English Courts
Last updated: 03.05.17
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Label: Nimbus records
Designation: NI 5546
Release Date: 01 January, 1997
  1. Music for the Royal Fireworks for orchestra, HWV 351 by George Frideric Handel
  2. Flow, my tears by John Dowland
  3. Fine knacks for ladies by John Dowland
  4. Trumpet Tune in D by Henry Purcell
  5. Minuet by Henry Purcell
  6. Trumpet tune for harpsichord, ZT 678 "Cibell" by Henry Purcell
  7. Air by Henry Purcell
  8. Hornpipe by Henry Purcell
  9. Lilliburlero (A New Irish Tune in G, from The Second Part of Musick's Hand-maid) for harpsichord in G major, Z. 646 by Henry Purcell
  10. March by Henry Purcell
  11. Music for His Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts by Matthew Locke
  12. Sonata for trumpet, 2 violins, viola & continuo in D major, Z850 by Henry Purcell
  13. Prince's Masque by Robert Johnson
  14. Merry Clerk by Anonymous
  15. Comedian's Masque by Anonymous
  16. Silver Swanne, The, madrigal for 5 voices by Orlando Gibbons
  17. Bee by Anonymous
  18. Symphonia by Nicholas Lanier
  19. House Measure by Anonymous
  20. Devil's Dance by John Adson
  21. Dido and Aeneas, opera, Z626 Dido's Lament by Henry Purcell
  22. Pastyme with Good Companye for 3 voices by King of England Henry VIII
with Tristan Fry, Bryan Allen, Andy Culshaw, Simon Hogg, Richard Sandland, Fine Arts Brass Ensemble, Stephen [horn] Roberts