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She loves you
Last updated: 04.09.21
She loves you was a fantastic hit and must be one of the most famous of the Beatles songs. I have vivid memories of the "yeah, yeah, yeah" bits being roared by hundreds if not thousands of throats in the Fleet Canteen in the Singapore Naval Base not to forget the delightful little bars of Sembawang. I have in my possession a book of cartoons, "The Best of Tugg, H.M.S. Victorious FAR EAST 1964-65" by Tug Wilson, a well-known Royal Navy cartoonist. In it, one of his cartoons is a drawing of the Gunnery Officer, complete with Beatles hair-cut (decidedly unmilitary!) and playing a guitar in recognition of that worthies award of an OBE (Order of the British Empire for those born decades later). Younger people will not probably know that the Beatles were honoured in the same manner by our then much younger queen. This then caused as much a furore as the Spice Girls dancing their "Hakka" just a few years back. So much so that very many stuffy military types at that time were so unamused that they returned their decorations. Looking back almost forty years, who could think that the then young Beatles are now today's "Establishment", knighthoods an' all. Such is the joke of life, folks!!
The version that I play can be found in Beatles Songs for the Recorder.
There is a choral SATB arrangement of She loves you by Siegfried Macht in Chor Liederbuch published by Scott Publications
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