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Hilf Herr meines Lebens
Last updated: 01.03.20
This song came into my repertoire through the good offices of Britta Steenken which she found in Chor aktuell junior. We sang it as a trio, unoriginally called Das Trio, notably together with Maike Weyerts on 24.11.2007 in Dieter Kandziora's Candle Workshop in Lilliental near Bremen for his annual start to the Advent season.
The song itself is an Israeli canon Schalom chaverin set to music written by Hans Puls with German lyrics by Gustav Lohmann and Markus Jenny.
The version we sang is an arrangement by H.M. Lonquich which can be found in Chor aktuell junior published by Gustav Bosse Verlag. It can be sang as a canon with two choirs or 4 verses.