Filipa Margarida Pereira (1981-)
Last updated: 03.10.20
According to the Internet source given below, Filipa Pereira was born in Tomar (Portugal), where she studied at "Canto Firme" until she finished the complementary course of recorder in 2000. Filipa finished her Bachelor in Recorder in 2005 at "Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa" where she studied with Pedro Couto Soares. She attended some "International Course of Early Music" where she worked with Peter Holtslag (recorder), Richard Gwilt, Rainer Zipperling, Ketil Haugsand and Ana Mafalda Castro (chamber music). She also participated in a course of Early Music at "Casa de Mateus", where she worked with Peter van Heyghen and in a master class with Kees Boeke.
Since 1998 until 2005 she has sung at the "Canto Firme" chorus and she was a member of the board of "Associaçao Cultural Canto Firme". Filipa has founded, with some friends, the "Collegium Instrumentalis", a musical ensemble which usually takes part in "Encontros de Música Antiga do Convento de Cristo" (an Early Music Event) in Tomar. She played in several concerts all over her country in different places such as Porto, Vila Real, Almada, Braga, Loulé, Tomar, Lisboa and Faro. With the recorder consort "A Imagem da Melancolia" Filipa played in Utrecht (FRINGE). Filipa taught the recorder in Tomar and Lisbon.
In 2005 Filipa entered the "Conservatorium van Amsterdam" where she is studying the recorder with Paul Leenhouts. She is also a member of The Royal Wind Music.