Eva Legêne
Last updated: 03.10.20
rplegene.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below and an e-mail from the performer herself, Professor Eva Legêne is a Dutch-born recorder virtuosa and educator of music, married to a Dane and presently (2002) resident in the United States where she teaches at the Indiana University's Early Music Institute in the School of Music. After studying recorder with Frans Brüggen, her teaching career has taken her to the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam, The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. She has also held master classes throughout Europe and the United States.
Besides Frans Brüggen, Eva Legêne has performed with many recorder luminaries such as Wieland Kuijken, Hopkins Smith, Bruce Dickey, Colin Tilney, and the Boston Museum Trio to name but a few. She was a member of the Brüggen Consort and is currently (2002) a member of the Copenhagen-based Rosenborg Trio.
Of particular recorder-making interest are Prof. Legêne's researches in 1980 which led to the discovery of the Rosenborg recorders (two valuable 17th-century narwhal tusk recorders ) in Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen. Together with Frans Brüggen, she made public the first copies of these instruments.
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