Golden Spider (1910)
Rag March & Two-Step
Last updated: 23.01.24
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Composer: C.L. Johnson Suppliers: dbe15.gif
Editor: Geoff Grainger Sextet D/A/T/T/B/GB(B)
Publisher: Ditty Box Enterprises Publication: DBE0251
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Length: approx. 3¾ mins.
Golden Spider is a lively and spirited two step. Its form is AABBACCBB with a 4-bar introduction whereby the AABBA- and CCBB-strains are written in the major keys of C and F respectively. The melodic lines are shared by the descant, treble and 1st tenor voices and each voice has so bar-counting to do. The rhythm section on the other hand is fully occupied in providing a steady bass thump with the odd walking passage. Whilst sixteenths and triplets abound, this is a relatively easy piece the syncopation being on the light side. This is more of a march than a rag. The cover of the original sheet music shows a contented spider at the centre of its web contemplating a repast of two fresh house flies who have flown into his larder.
Golden Spider was published by Vandersloot Music Pub. Co., Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA.
A tempo of 80 crotchets/min. is suggested.

  Composer Sequencer
audiomidi15.gif C.L. Johnson Colin D. McDonald
  Composer Performer Instruments
audiodbemp315.gif C.L. Johnson Midi Ragtime Recorder Ens. D/A/T/T/B/GB(B)
     Performer CD Title Supplier
cd15.gif "Perfessor" Bill Edwards A Bag of Rags
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif Golden Spider (1910) C.L. Johnson (music) Piano IMSLP wvicon.gif