The 193rd Vegesack Fair, Fireworks Night, 4th September 2001
Photos © Manfred Eichholz 2001
The players from left to right were Claudia Heinisch, Nina Eikericke, Stephan Schrader, Geoff Grainger, Imke Wellmann, Annette and Mechthild Schrader-Rau whilst preparing to play Lance Eccle's "Stampedes". Britta Fröhlich, who also played, dodged out of the picture. The annual Vegesack Fair Fireworks, donated by the fairground operators, has been celebrated by various recorder groups over the years since 1995 and is generally opened with the Feuerwerksmusik by George F. Handel.
This was a very damp evening, unnaturally cold for September, but neither guests or invited players were especially perturbed. Some of the guests went round the Vegesack fair whilst the players got on with their performance. Because of the heavy rain, the fireworks were more than somewhat delayed giving rise to much hilarity whilst waiting on the balcony overlooking the spectacle.
The evening was opened in accordance with tradition by Handel's "Feuerwerksmusik" and then followed with:
Highstreet-Dixie by Matthias Friederich
Wireless Rag (1909) by Adaline Shepherd
Chicken Chowder Rag (1905) by Irene M. Giblin
Alexander's Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin and finished off with
the Stampedes of Hippopotamuses and Jellyfish by Lance Eccles.

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