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There's a Welcome in Someone's Heart
Music by: Will Wise.
Words by: J W Johnson, J B Bennett
Perf. by: Ada Reeve
Publisher: Octave Music
Suppliers: flag15uk.gif
Printed: 1920. Sheet Music 8 pages.
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 16 works by Will Wise. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
I Like a Tuppenny Tustard Tut in Two 1920 J W Johnson (words)
J B Bennett (words)
I'm Feeling Very Sad and Lonley 1920 J Mott (words)
It's No Use Going to the Seaside Unless You're a Bit of a Sport 1920 J B Bennett (words)
F Godfrey (words)
Le Me Kiss Those Tears Away 1920 F Malcolm (words)
Sonny Boy 1920 F Malcolm (words)
There's a Welcome in Someone's Heart 1920 J W Johnson (words)
J B Bennett (words)
Ada Reeve (perf.)
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There's a Woman at the Bottom of It All (w&m) 1920
What the Eye Doesn't See 1920 F Malcolm (words)
Why Do You Always Tease Me? 1920 F Malcolm (words)
I've Forgotten More That Father Ever Knew 1921 J E Bennett (words)
Lancashire Gave Me You 1921 J W Johnson (words)
Mammy You Leave Behind, The 1921 W Deane (words)
J B Bennett (words)
What's the Use of Being Sorry Now? 1921 F Malcolm (words)
You Never Gave Me Love 1921 C R St Juste (words)
How's Your Poor Old Feet? 1924 F Pattison (words)
W Talmadge (words)
There's Now't Like a Holiday Up in Blackpool 1928 J B Bennett (words)
J W Johnson (words)