Robert Suter  (1919-)
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According to the Internet source given below, Robert Suter is a Swiss composer, born in St. Gallen. He studied music at Basel Conservatoire, becoming a teacher of theory in 1943 (teachers: Paul Baumgartner, piano; Gustav Guldenstein, Walter Muller v. Kulm and Ernst Mohr, theory; Walter Geiser, composition). Further studies at the new music summer school at Darmstadt with Wolfgang Fortner and Ernst Krenek, as well as studies with Wladimir Vogel in the early 50's. Between 1945 and 1950 he taught theory at Bern Conservatoire, following which he was mainly occupied with teaching composition, analysis, counterpoint, harmony and improvisation at Basel Academy of Music, before retiring in the autumn of 1984. His works include instrumental, chamber, orchestral, choral and vocal music.
Recorder Sheet Music
6026893.gifSmall Talk (1984) (A/Guit.)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Performance Score. 32 pages.
This edition: OFB167.
Arr./Editor: Linde/Ragossnig
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (49011273)
Small Talk (1984) (A/Guit.)smp_unav15.gif
Arr./Editor: Linde, K. Ragossnig Level: Advanced
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (OFB0167)