Harry Somers  (1925-1999)
Last updated: 24.01.20
According to the Internet source given below, Harry Somers was a Canadian composer born in Toronto. At the age of sixteen he entered the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto where he studied piano with Dorothy Hornfelt, Reginald Godden (1941-43) and Weldon Kilburn (1946-49) and composition with John Weinzweig (1942-43, 1946-49), receiving scholarships in 1947 and 1949. In the late 40's, he went first to San Francisco to continue piano with E. Robert Schmitz. He was also awarded a Canadian Amateur Hockey Association scholarship through which he studied composition with Darius Milhaud in Paris (1949-50).
Harry Somers was considered an eclectic composer with inspiration from Mahler, Ives & Béla Bartók to electronic music. He developed a very original style upon all of these influences. He earned his living as a radio commentator or pianist in the CBC radio & television broadcasts. For a brief period he lived in Italy, 1969-1971 returning to Canada were he lived till his death.
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