Ralph Rainger  (1901-1942)
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All that can presently (February 2016) be gleaned about by internet searching is that Ralph Rainger is the one-off composer of Pianogram (1929) published by Robbins Music Corporation, New York, USA.
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  Title (Release Year) Composer Performers Issue
  Historic Records      
recordMP3.gif Blue Hawaii (1937) R. Rainger Dolly Dawn Victor: BS-06127
recordMP3.gif Moanin' Low (1929) R. Rainger Annette Hanshaw OKeh: W402887
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 69 works by Ralph Rainger (1901-1942). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
I'm on the Verge of a Merger 1929 Eddie Cantor (perf.)
Moanin' Low 1929 Howard Dietz (words)
Annette Hanshaw (perf.)
Vaughn de Leath (perf.)
 wvicon.gif  recordMP3.gif
Pianogram 1929  wvicon.gif
Tick Tack Toe 1929  Pub.
We're on the Verge of a Merger 1929 Eddie Cantor (words)
Eddie Cantor (perf.)
Seems to Me 1930 Dick Howard (words)  wvicon.gif
When a Woman Loves a Man 1930 Billy Rose (words)
Here Lies Love 1932 Leo Robin (words)
Please 1932 Leo Robin (words)
Boswell Sisters (perf.)
Mills Brothers (perf.)
Burns & Allen (perf.)
Cab Calloway (perf.)
Bing Crosby (perf.)
Stuart Erwin (perf.)
Leila Hyams (perf.)
Vincent Lopez (perf.)
Kate Smith (perf.)
Arthur Tracy (perf.)
Cradle Song 1933 Leo Robin (words)
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love 1933 Leo Robin (words)
Claudette Colbert (perf.)
I'll Take an Option on You 1933 Leo Robin (words)  Pub.
I'm a Lover of Paree 1933 Leo Robin (words)
Maurice Chevalier (perf.)
In a One - Room Flat 1933 Leon Robin (words)
In the Park in Paree 1933 Leo Robin (words)
Maurice Chevalier (perf.)
It's Oh, It's Ah! 1933 Leon Robin (words)
Look What I've Got 1933 Leo Robin (words)
Do I Love You? 1934 Leon Robin (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Down Home (w&m) 1934 Leon Robin (co-author)
Dorothy Dell (perf.)
I'm a Black Sheep Who's Blue (w&m) 1934 Leo Robin (co-author)  Pub.
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Laugh You Son of a Gun (w&m) 1934 Leo Robin (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Love in Bloom 1934 Leo Robin (words)
Take a Lesson From the Lark 1934 Leo Robin (words)
Double Trouble 1935 Richard A. Whiting (words)
Leo Robin (words)
Got a Gal in Californ - I - A 1935 Leon Robin (co-author)
Here Is My Heart 1935 Leo Robin (words)
I Wished on the Moon 1935 Dorothy Parker (words)
June in January 1935 Leo Robin (words)
Miss Brown to You 1935 Richard A. Whiting (words)
Leo Robin (words)
Why Dream? 1935 Richard A. Whiting (words)
Leo Robin (words)
With Every Breath I Take 1935 Leo Robin (words)
Hills of Old Wyomin' 1936 Leo Robin (words)
I Don't Want to Make History 1936 Leo Robin (words)
If I Should Lose You 1936 Leo Robin (words)
Little Rose of the Rancho 1936 Leo Robin (words)
Long Ago and Far Away 1936 Leo Robin (words)
Thunder Over Paradise 1936 Leo Robin (words)
Where Is My Heart? 1936 Leo Robin (words)
Will I Ever Know? 1936 Leo Robin (words)
You Came to My Rescue 1936 Leo Robin (words)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Blossoms on Broadway 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Blue Hawaii 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Dolly Dawn (perf.)
Easy Living 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Ebb Tide 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Here's Love in Your Eye 1937 Leo Robin (words)
I Adore You 1937 Leo Robin (words)
In a Little Hula Heaven 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Sweet Is the Word For You 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Talking Through My Heart 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Larry Adler (perf.)
Gracie Allen (perf.)
Jack Benny (perf.)
Bob Burns (perf.)
George Burns (perf.)
Benny Fields (perf.)
Frank Forest (perf.)
Benny Goodman (perf.)
David Holt (perf.)
Ray Milland (perf.)
Martha Raye (perf.)
Shirley Ross (perf.)
Leopold Stokowski (perf.)
Virginia Weid (perf.)
Thanks For the Memory 1937 Leo Robin (words)
Do the Buckaroo 1938 Leon Robin (co-author)
Funny Old Hills, The 1938 Leo Robin (words)
I Have Eyes 1938 Leo Robin (words)
Little Kiss at Twilight, A 1938 Leo Robin (words)
Mama, That Moon Is Here Again 1938 Leo Robin (words)
Silver on the Sage 1938 Leo Robin (words)
What Goes on Here in My Heart? 1938 Leo Robin (words)
What Have You Got That Gets Me? 1938 Leo Robin (words)
You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart 1938 Leo Robin (words)
You're a Sweet Little Headache 1938 Leo Robin (words)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
You're Lovely, Madame 1938 Leo Robin (words)
Wind at My Window, The 1939 Leo Robin (words)
Bluebirds in the Moonlight 1940 Leo Robin (words)
Faithful Forever 1940 Leo Robin (words)
Loveliness and Love 1941 Leo Robin (words)
You Started Something 1941 Leo Robin (words)
Here You Are 1942 Leo Robin (words)
Oh, the Pity of It All 1942 Leo Robin (words)
Rita Hayworth (perf.)
Victor Mature (perf.)
Take It From There 1942 Leo Robin (words)  wvicon.gif