Ana Bofill Levi  (1944-)
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According to the Internet source given below, Ana Bofill Levi is Catalan/Spanish composer and architect.She studied piano and music theory with Jordi Albareda, Josep Cercós, Xavier Montsalvatge and J.M. Mestres-Quadreny from 1950 to 1972. She also studied probability theory, philosophy, art, architecture, and urban studies, and earned her PH. architecture, by doing a research on geometric generation of architectural and urban forms, at the Barcelona School of Architecture.She had additional studies in electroacustic music in Barcelona at the Phonos Laboratory with Lluis Callejo and Gabriel Brncic. In 1982 she studied with Luigi Nono, Joan Guinjoan, and Coriúnn Aharonián and in 1983, she attended a seminar with L. Nono, and translated the Iannis Xenakis book "Music and architecture" into Catalan. In 1985 she worked at CEMAMU (Centre d'Études de Mathémathique et Automates Musicales) in Paris under the direction of I. Xenakis. In 1992 she studied computer music with Xavier Serra at the Phonos Laboratory.
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