Will Letters 
Last updated: 27.04.22
     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif Norah, Norah Will Letters (music)
C.W. Murphy (words)
Florrie Gallimore (perf.)
url15.gif Put Me Upon an Island Where the Girls Are Few Will Letters (words & music)
W. Bard (perf.)
url15.gif We All Sang ''Too-Ra-Loo-Ral-Addie'' Will Letters (words & music)
B. Williams (perf.)
url15.gif We Don't Want a Girl Will Letters (words & music)
Charlie Rich (perf.)
Harry Rich (perf.)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 28 works by Will Letters. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located.
Title Year Attribution Remarks
You Have a Friend in Me 1901  wvicon.gif
Something Seems to Tell Me You'll Forget Me 1902  Pub.
Dolly Dimple 1903  Pub.
Two Brown Eyes 1905 Frank Harwood (perf.)  Pub.
Lilac Girl, The 1906 Harriett Vernon (perf.)  Pub.
Peter Peacock Esq.! 1906 J.A. Glover-Kind (words)  wvicon.gif
All Little Girls Are Pretty 1907 J.A. Glover-Kind (words)
W. Cunliffe (perf.)
Good Bye Little Humming Bird 1907  Pub.
Hetty King's I'm Going Away 1907 W. Hargreaves (words)  wvicon.gif
Put Me Upon an Island Where the Girls Are Few 1908 W. Bard (perf.)  Pub.
Annabelle 1909 C. Collins (words)
F. Murray (words)
Dear Little Girl in the Goal, The 1909  Pub.
If You Hav'nt the Money to Spend 1909  wvicon.gif
It's As Easy As Easy to Roller Skate 1909  Pub.
Norah, Norah 1909 C.W. Murphy (words)
Florrie Gallimore (perf.)
Now I Know That You Love Me Still 1909  Pub.
Poppies 1909  wvicon.gif
Ring Up Lucky Boy, London 1909 H. Gifford (words)
Alfred J Lawrance (words)
Take a Cosy Little Home For Two 1909 J.A. Glover-Kind (words)  Pub.
What! What! What! 1909 J.A. Glover-Kind (words)  wvicon.gif
Hi! Hi! Hi! Mister Mckie! 1910 C W Murphy (words)  Pub.
I Wish I Were You, To-Night 1910 F. Godfrey (words)
Alfred J Lawrance (words)
I've Got Plenty of Books to Read 1910 F. Godfrey (words)  Pub.
Molly O'Morgan 1910 F. Godfrey (words)  wvicon.gif youtube15.jpg
We All Sang ''Too-Ra-Loo-Ral-Addie'' 1910 B. Williams (perf.)  Pub.
We Don't Want a Girl 1910 Charlie Rich (perf.)
Harry Rich (perf.)
We're Miles Away From Home 1910  wvicon.gif
Your Father and Mother Are Irish 1910 F. Godfrey (words)  Pub.
     Title Duration Performer
youtube15.jpg Molly O' Morgan (1910) 2:25 Ella Retford