James M. Fulton  (1873-1940)
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According to the Internet source given below, James Melville Fulton was born in Washington, Pennsylvania.. He studied cornet, violin, euphonium and tuba. Fulton became the conductor of the American Band in Waterbury CT in 1899 changing its name to the "Fulton American Band". He later left the band to his brother, Bert Fulton, in order to lead the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra..
He transcribed orchestral works for Band bringing him into contact with Victor Herbert. His compositions include at least 233 known published works made up of 142+ Marches, 8 Overtures, 5 Polkas, 5 Schottisches, 4 Cakewalks, 4 Gallops, 22 Waltzes, and 43 other miscellaneous work
He died in Belmont, Massachusetts.

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In the Flower Crowned Green Mountains of Vermont
Music by: James M. Fulton.
Words by: George H Summers
Publisher: M. Witmark and Sons
Suppliers: flag15uk.gif
Printed: 1900. Sheet Music 5 pages.
  Title (Release Year) Co-Author(s) Performers Issue
cylinder15.gif New Tipperary (1911) J.F. Helf J.J. Kimmel Edison Standard Record: 10525
  Title (Release Year) Co-Author(s) Performers Issue
audioextmp315.gif Tipperary - Song (1908) J.F. Helf S. Tobin Edison's National Phonograph Company: 9824
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif Battleship Connecticut (1909) J.M. Fulton (music) Orchestra IMSLP wvicon.gif
pdf15.gif Magyar Katonaság (1915) J.M. Fulton (music) Piano, Orchestra IMSLP wvicon.gif
pdf15.gif New Tipperary (1908) J.M. Fulton (music)
J.F. Helf (coauth.)
Piano, Voice Indiana wvicon.gif
Tale of Tokio (1904), A J.M. Fulton (music)
Gerald Kelley (words)
Piano, Voice Kirk
pdf15.gif Tipperary (n.d.) J.M. Fulton (music) Piano Ragtime Piano wvicon.gif

Tipperary - Song (1907) J.M. Fulton (w&m)
J.F. Helf (coauth.)
Leo Curley (words)
Nellie McCoy (perf.)

Mlle Bresina (perf.)
Piano, Voice

This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 22 works by James M. Fulton (1873-1940). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER pdf15.gif (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Belle of Philadelphia March 1897
Battleship Oregon March 1899
Kinky Kinks March 1899
Grotto March, The 1900
In the Flower Crowned Green Mountains of Vermont 1900 George H Summers (words)  amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
Pioneer, The 1900  wvicon.gif
Colored Delegates 1901  Pub. youtube15.jpg
I'm Expectin' a Special Delivery 1901 Geo. H. Summers (words)  Pub.
Katzenjammer March 1901
Ragged Raglets 1902
Tale of Tokio, A 1904 Gerald Kelley (words)  wvicon.gif
Tipperary - Song (w&m) 1907 J. Fred Helf (co-author)
Leo Curley (words)
Mlle Bresina (perf.)
Nellie McCoy (perf.)
Stella Tobin (perf.)
 wvicon.gif audioextmp315.gif
New Tipperary 1908 J. Fred Helf (co-author)
John J. Kimmel (perf.)
 Pub. audioextmp315.gif
Aviator, The 1909
Battleship Connecticut 1909  wvicon.gif
Indomitable, The 1909  wvicon.gif
Tattle Tale 1909
Magyar Katonaság 1915  wvicon.gif
Bit of Blarney ?
Lonesome Little Me ? Leo Curley (words)
Wee Bit O'Scotch ?
Tipperary n.d.  wvicon.gif
     Composer Title Performer
youtube15.jpg J.M. Fulton Colored Delegates (2:37) Ragtime Dorian Henry